Strategy & Vision


Custom solution : Client & Technology oriented 5 Steps Project ManagmentConnector manufacturers, Electonic Embedded systems and e-Mobility OEMs are looking for partners dedicated to project idustrialisation.

Our clients ask us to support their industrialisation and production from design up to series production. on a daily basis, they have custom requirements to meet and we support thier decision by sharing our know how and expérience throught a 5 steps project managment process.

To simplify client project managment, to develelop added value solution, we offer a 5 steps work flow service called: “From design to manufacturing



Our company strategy:

Through the project “AMD 2027”

  • Develop a sustainable activity by ensuring operational efficiency and allowing our investment capacity up to the business strategy of the company.
  • Stand up to the demands of quality, cost and time at the international level (Export 85%).
  • Grow and diversify the business and increase the attractiveness of the company by offering high tech solutions and custom product.
  • Increase the company’s values: transparency, environmental respect, involvement, requirement, rigor and compliance with commitments.