Heat treatment department

Our heat treatment department enables us to perform the process required in the connectors industry:

  • Hardening
  • Batch annealing
  • Zone annealing

recuit service retouche

Vision 100% control department

Sensitive turned parts are subject to 100% fully automated final inspection & sorting by camera. Thus we can guaranty  the best quality products delivery.

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Surface treatment services

Our geographical position in the heart of the Machining Valley enabled us to set up strong relationships with local proven suppliers specialized in plating operations.

Polishing department

For special purposes, AMD has developped its own Polishing department and is able to guaranty high surface quality such as mirror finishing.

IMG_7764corg AMicro Polishing

Tribofinishing department

To meet customer’s quality  standards in the fields of  visual quality and finish.

Assembly department

AMD provides assembly operations for both connectors and automotive markets.