Quality policy

Beeing resolutely committed to the “Sustainable, Profitable and Harmonious growth”, our ambition is to become the partner of reference.

In order to achieve our ambitions, the actions which have been already deployed in the field of Quality, Security and Environment should be continuously improved and strengthened.


  • To master our Industrialisation process
  • To meet ever-tighter delivery deadlines.
  • To improve our competitiveness to meet international competition.


  • To improve continuously stuff work conditions and visitors. 
  • To identify risks and implement corrective actions and control them. 
  • To reinforce the Safety culture and to increase the awareness among staff of the potential risks and its control.


  • To enhance our production wastes management.
  • To Control Energy consumption and expandable items.
  • To Identify and to be in compliance with legal and our customer’s requirements.

To reach all this objectives we should continue our ongoing drive for continuous improvement.

Our quality management system complies with the requirements of following standards: ISO 9001 / IATF 16949 / ISO 14001