Precision turning

Expert in precision screw machining, we manufacture turned parts according to customer’s drawings and specifications.

In addition, AMD provides engineering support for suitable solutions for your futur projects (co developement).


  • Diameter ranging from 1 to 60 mm
  • Lot Size: from 100 to Millions

Production plant equipment

We offer a wide variety of capabilities including :

  • CNC single & Multi spindle Turning technology: ( 1- 60 mm of Diameter)
  • Conventional Swiss CAM Lathes Technology: Single Spindle up to 10 mm & Multispindle Automatic Lathes up to 30 mm
  • Secondary operation machine shop: Rotary Transfer Machines for secondary complex operations 8-13-20 stations

Wide range of raw material

  • Copper alloys including but not limited to: Brass, bronze,nickel-copper, tellurium-copper, pure copper, Beryllium-copper
  • Low-Medium Carbon Alloy Steels 
  • Special high resistence Steels
  • Stainless steel including but not limited to: 303, 316TI, 304, 430F,410… 
  • Inconel and any other exotic raw materials

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